These Progressive Groups Helped Democrats Win the White House

Last week, I co-wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post that focused on the Democratic Party’s ground game (or lack thereof) in 2020 and how activist organizations in several states picked up the slack and helped Joe Biden vanquish Donald Trump.

It’s impossible to understate just how important a role that the work of progressive groups in Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Nevada, and Pennsylvania played in the triumph. If Democrats want to turn around the down-ballot disappointments and overcome the gerrymanders that Republicans will enact in many states next year, we need to help these groups grow in ambition and scope.

To that end, I’ve put together an ActBlue page that features a dozen great groups, which I’ve listed right below. You can use the page to donate to one or more of them!

AAPI Victory Fund | Four Directions | Black Voters Matter PAC | Mijente | Citizen Action of Wisconsin | Pennsylvania Stands Up | Reclaim Philadelphia | Progress Michigan | Jolt Action | Texas Rising | Down Home North Carolina | Working Families Party

Donate to Progressive Activist Groups!

The Countdown is on….

The seeming success of the phase three trials of at least two COVID-19 vaccines offer a tantalizing light at the end of this dark death tunnel, but the last leg of the journey will be the most brutal. The virus is again sweeping through the United States, with every day setting a new record for new positive tests and deaths climbing to levels unseen since this spring. Job growth continues to slow down. And this time, the government isn’t just not going to step up to help the tens of millions of people out of work and going hungry, the meager help it did once offer will soon go away.

With Mitch McConnell’s Senate in recess and Democratic leaders unwilling to publicly push the issue at the moment, there are 14 million Americans on pace to lose their unemployment benefits when CARES Act programs expire right after Christmas. (Already, out-of-work Americans have been denied expanded unemployment benefits in 17 states due to a mix of gubernatorial cruelty and strapped budgets).

Here’s a look at the trendlines in Tampa:

A few days later, the national eviction moratorium will end, as will programs meant to help mortgage-holders avoid foreclosure, keep owners of student debt from drowning in accrued interest, and offer extra capital to small and medium-sized businesses.

In fact, evictions have already begun despite the moratorium in cities nationwide (see examples in New York and Houston and the rest of the country) and are growing more frequent. Unless these moratoriums are renewed, we’re going to see an unprecedented wave of evictions sweep across the country, with up to 40 million people being kicked out of their homes this winter. Like every other bad thing in this country, evictions will disproportionately impact people of color and immigrants, who are often kicked out of their homes illegally by cruel landlords.

It shouldn’t be up to us to help people stay in their homes, but with the government abdicating all responsibility, we’re going to have to step in and help our neighbors. As such, I’ve created fundraisers to raise money for eviction prevention groups in cities across the country. If you’re able, choose one and help out — no one should be losing their homes, especially due to a pandemic exacerbated by the government, and especially not during the winter.

New York City | Los Angeles | Boston | Atlanta | Milwaukee | Miami

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