Donald Trump is Done. Cue the Party.

After more than four exhausting days, it’s official: Donald Trump’s reign of terror is ending.

Joe Biden clinched the presidency on Saturday morning, putting an end to one of the darkest epochs in our history.

We have so, so much work to do in order to fix a larger Democratic Party that suffered so many losses on Tuesday. We still need to save the future of American democracy. We’ll have to push Biden to make big reforms where possible. COVID-19 is still raging. Racism is rampant. Millions are without jobs as billionaires continue to rake in cash. Progressives Everywhere raised over $5 million for Democratic candidates and causes over the last few years, but I have to get smarter about how we target candidates and amplify movements. Over the next few months, we will be examining ways to overcome these challenges.

But today, we can celebrate a massive first step toward a better tomorrow.

If there’s one thing to remember, it’s that we owe our deep gratitude to the grassroots activists that made this possible. This is a victory for amazing grassroots activist organizations in Pennsylvania and Georgia. These groups, largely run by people of color, have worked 24/7 to empower their communities in the fight against Republican treachery, far-right foul play, and corporate greed. And whether or not we win Arizona, groups there deserve the credit for making it so, so close.

You also deserve some credit — you donated money, gave time, and pushed hard to overthrow this diaper dictator. Enjoy today and this weekend, then let’s get back to it.

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