Big wins in Virginia and the suburbs!

Remember a few days ago, when Democrats started flipping out because some New York Times polls suggested they might have trouble in swing states in 2020?

Yeah, things are looking pretty good for Democrats all over right now, thanks in part to your hard work.

The big headlines are that Democratic Attorney General Andy Beshear took down toxic MAGA-ite Gov. Matt Bevin in Kentucky and that Dems flipped both houses of the Virginia legislature to earn their first trifecta in the state since 1993.

We raised money for Beshear and a number of victorious Virginia Democrats, including newly minted Delegate-elect Josh Cole, who won his rematch in the 28th House district!

We also raised some cash for more local winners in Virginia, including Kenny Bodye, Andrea Bailey, and Victor Angry in Prince William County.

Ann Wheeler, meanwhile, will replace proud neo-Confederate and unrepentant racist Corey Stewart as Chair of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors.

Our other big Virginia candidates lost their races, but honestly, they were all winners in the long-term. Phil Hernandez (HD-100), and Amy Laufer (SD-17) all came within four points of flipping their targeted seats and set Democrats up for wins in the next cycle.

Further, our long-shot candidate, Beverly Harrison (HD-15), ran the first campaign against the incumbent Republican in her rural district in a decade, winning over a quarter of the vote and laying down roots for 2021 and beyond.

Here in New York City, instant runoff voting was approved by voters, as was more oversight of the police department. Both were big progressive priorities.

Some other highlights include:

– Regina Romero won the mayor race in Tuscon, Arizona, and will become both the first Latina mayor of the city.

– Jersey City passed an ordinance to restrict Airbnbs, which will hopefully help to slow gentrification in the city.

– Suburbs continue to turn blue. That was the big story in Kentucky, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, where the GOP was swept out of power in Delaware County, a Philly suburb that was long a Republican stronghold.

– More good news out of the Philly area, this time from the city itself. For years, Republicans have controlled the two designated minority party at-large seats on the City Council. Tonight, a Working Families Party candidate swiped one of them.

– And Ohio has some good suburban wins, too.

So let’s be proud of the work we did this year — and then tomorrow, start focusing on 2020. As Democrats continue to duke it out for the nomination to take on Donald Trump (or Mike Pence!), down-ballot races are starting to fill out and heat up.

We’re slowly but surely adding names and races to our 2020 Candidate Tracker, which will give you a one-stop place for all the state, local, and national campaigns to watch. Just today, I added flippable North Carolina legislature districts, and with candidate filing deadlines coming soon in a number of states, the races will start to heat up very soon!

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