Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s seismic victory for Progressive Democrats

A message to cautious, corporate Democrats everywhere

Wow. It is a new day for the Democratic Party. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old grassroots organizer from the Bronx, just defeated Rep. Joe Crowley, the fourth most powerful Democrat in the House of Representatives, in the congressional primary for New York’s 14th district.

Progressives Everywhere was proud to support her campaign, and if you read our interview with her, you won’t be surprised that she won. Still, the size and impact of this victory cannot be understated. Crowley was angling to become the next Speaker of the House. He took millions from millionaires and massive corporations (read this shocking thread). He hadn’t even been primaried in 14 years.

Then came Ocasio-Cortez, an unapologetic progressive who was in touch with her home district and knew that it deserved more than a representative who voted time and again for policies that hurt its residents. She pounded the pavement, talking with every voter she could. She spoke about affordable housing, endorsed Medicare for All, and called for the abolition of ICE. She spoke as a proud feminist and person of color. She was everywhere — at both bodegas and the border in the last few days of her campaign.

Ocasio-Cortez ran an absolutely perfect campaign, blending hardcore grassroots organizing with social media savvy and national media attention. You were part of this. Progressives Everywhere contributors sent in hundreds of donations to Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign, contributing about $6000 to the cause. And every grassroots donation helped. Crowley had a war chest of over $3 million. Ocasio-Cortez had just $300,000 — and nearly all of it was from donors like you. Over 70% came from donations of $200 or less. That’s unheard of.

The massive victory yesterday is the bright spot in what has been another otherwise difficult week for people with souls. The stolen Supreme Court upheld Trump’s racist travel ban and Texas’s racist gerrymandering. Kids are still being separated from their families at the border. And on our side, out-of-touch Democrats continue to pearl-clutch over “civility” for Nazis and the fact that Sarah Huckabee Sanders — the mouthpiece of the hateful administration that is ripping innocent families apart — was gently asked to leave a Mexican restaurant.

CLICK HERE to donate to Ocasio-Cortez’s general election campaign, as well as to real Democrats running to take back Albany!

This primary better serve as a message to the wimpy DC Democrats and their consultants: voters don’t want one-sided civility or apologetic deference. They want loud, aggressive truth-telling. They want leaders who will fight back against the lies and slide towards authoritarianism. When they go low, we pound them into the ground.

New York Democrats are now energized beyond belief. And the fight doesn’t end here. New York has plenty of fake corporate Democrats left — many even worse than Crowley. Not only is Cynthia Nixon challenging the corrupt Andrew Cuomo in a primary for governor, there are a number of bold progressives taking on members of the IDC, which is a group of breakaway “Democrats” who defy the wishes of voters and caucus with Republicans in Albany. That gives the GOP control of the state senate, stymying all kinds of great progressive legislation. Cuomo, of course, supports them.

That’s why Progressives Everywhere is proud to be supporting both Nixon and challengers to the IDC. Real Democrats who respect voters and will work to make what is supposed to be a blue state actually function like one. Those primaries are in September, and the candidates can use all the help they can get.

CLICK HERE to donate to Ocasio-Cortez’s general election campaign, as well as to real Democrats running to take back Albany!

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