The Trumpite Republican in the next Congressional special election is proud of her corruption

We are getting closer to the next big special congressional election, and there could not be a starker choice. In the race to replace disgraced Trent Franks as representative from Arizona’s 8th district, the Republicans nominated Debbie Lesko, a state senator who is the epitome of modern corruption.

Lesko serves as the state chair of ALEC, the corporate front group that bribes politicians to let them write egregious bills that largely benefit racists and CEOs. She’s carried their sparkling water for years, and in 2016 was even named ALEC’s Legislator of the Year.

This is gross:

“I ran for office to make a difference and that is why I take on big issues.  I am very honored to be named ‘Legislator of the Year’ by such a respected national organization. Thank you ALEC for your decades of work with state legislators to promote limited government, free markets, and states’ rights,” Lesko said.

What’s even grosser is how ALEC has dominated Arizona. The group has used Arizona as a testing ground for noxious policies that target immigrants, restrict voting rights, and helped destroy campaign finance restrictions. If she goes to Washington, she’ll be a card-carrying Trumpster and steady vote for corporate interests — and they won’t even have to foot the bill for her trips to DC anymore.

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In a close primary election, Arizona Democrats ultimately nominated Dr. Hiral Tipirneni, an emergency room physician and cancer researcher who emigrated to the United States from India with her family when she was just three years old. As you might expect, she’s strong on issues like health care — she wants a public option for Medicare buy-in — and immigration, which is a hot point of contention in Arizona.

Tipirneni spent her career in emergency medicine, so she knows how to responds to people’s concerns with compassion. Lesko, on the other hand, would be working to help corporations and bigots. It’s a deep red district, but that doesn’t seem to matter in 2018, and with such a difference in candidates, we need to go all-out to help team blue.

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