Democrat Conor Lamb wins the special election in PA-18!

You did it. Despite the incredible odds stacked against him, Democratic candidate Conor Lamb pulled off a remarkable victory in last night’s special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th district. This is more than just a victory. This is history — and the promise of even more to come.

Lamb, a 33-year-old former Marine and prosecutor, defied so many odds. He won a district that voted for Trump by 21 points in 2016 and did not even field a Democratic congressional candidate in 2014 and 2016. And he did it despite the GOP throwing everything they had at trying to salvage the race, including visits from Donald Trump and Mike Pence, as well as $10 million in corporate money meant to tarnish Lamb and prop up their dopey GOP nominee, Rick Saccone.

How did Lamb do it? Well, Trump being a massive failure helped. But Lamb’s campaign would have been doomed if it weren’t for you. Grassroots Democrats donated to his campaign in droves, unions rallied to his cause, and locals walked the streets for months to knock on doors and talk to their neighbors. And Lamb won by less than 1000 votes, which goes to show that every vote really does count, as does every dollar. Progressives Everywhere raised nearly $1000 for Conor Lamb in just our first few months of existence, thanks to your generosity and vision.

We’ve now raised over $10,000 for bold progressive Democratic candidates, and we’re just getting started. You can read more about our current candidates below, and know we’ll be adding new ones throughout the rest of the year!

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