Round 1: Conor Lamb and Stacey Evans

Republicans are in denial over the Roy Moore fiasco, and are trying to pin this loss on Steve Bannon. And while Bannon deserves to be buried under a landslide of criticism (yelled at him in Spanish, preferably), the Alabama loss isn’t just his fault, and Republicans clearly don’t yet understand what it means.

The GOP is hurrying to pass a tax bill that is so nakedly regressive that it almost qualifies as trolling. Republicans don’t get that there are going to be consequences to their looting of America, so let’s make them pay for it as soon as possible.

National Candidate: Conor Lamb for Congress in PA-18

There’s going to be a whole lot of special elections in 2018 at this rate, and the first big one will be in March, in Pennsylvania’s 18th congressional district, outside of Pittsburgh. The long-time incumbent, Tim Murphy, resigned in October after it came out that he urged his mistress to have an abortion — despite his being a vocally “pro-life” lawmaker.

Running for Democrats is a young candidate with an incredibly impressive resume. Conor Lamb attended the University of Pennsylvania, joined the Navy, and prosecuted sexual assault cases in the military. Since 2014, he’s been an assistant US attorney, working on fighting the opioid crisis.

Remarkably, Lamb is just 33-years-old, and is the kind of bright young Democrat the party needs as it looks to energize, connect with young voters, and build its base. Democrats haven’t even run candidates in this district the last two cycles, and Trump won it by 19 points in 2016. That makes Lamb’s candidacy extra important, as it’ll help re-establish the party in a working-class district that is filled with union voters.

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State Candidate: Stacey Abrams, for Governor of Georgia

The Alabama upset proved that women and minorities are now the backbone of the Democratic Party. And in Stacey Abrams, the former Georgia General Assembly Minority Leader, they have an incredible candidate who is vying to become the first black woman governor in US history.

Abrams has an amazing resume: she got a job as a political speechwriter at 17, went to Yale Law School, got hired as Atlanta’s Deputy City Attorney at the age of 29, has won a gaggle of local and national awards (including from the Kennedy Center), writes romance novels under a pen name (really!), and has an unapologetically progressive and inclusive vision for Georgia. She’s also been endorsed by the big national progressive groups, including MoveOn and the Working Families Party.

The Alabama race changes everything. Democrats should no longer be afraid of the south — but they have to run smart and activate the base. Black women drove Jones to victory, and Abrams represents a perfect candidate for the time and place, and a new era in American politics.

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