Round 2: Patty Schachtner and DD Adams

Not that we needed more evidence, but this week’s passage of the Tax Bill proves that GOP has no shame. Not only were they authorizing a criminal looting of the American middle and working classes to enrich their rich donors, many in the GOP were voting to enrich themselves.

The party is filled with wealthy businessmen, and Congress carved out several last-minute clauses that would specifically reward particular lawmakers, including Bob Corker. In the past, that sort of revelation — called the Corker Kickback — could have killed a bill; instead, Corker lied through his teeth, called it “fake news,” and not one Republican senator voted against the tax cuts.

Nothing can stop them from ruining America to enrich themselves — except for us, booting them from office. Corporate money props up the Republican Party, so it’s up to us to support the Democratic candidates that share our values. Let’s give these two candidates some early Christmas gifts!

Special Election: Patty Schachtner for Wisconsin State Senate

Let’s send a message to Paul Ryan, who was put on this earth to cut taxes for the wealthy, gel his hair, and little else. He’s non-committal about running for re-election this fall, and it’d be great to show him that Wisconsin, a bastion of progressivism ravaged by Ryan and GOP sociopath/governor Scott Walker, is returning to its Democratic roots.

There will be a special election for a valuable seat in the Wisconsin State Senate on January 16th. After the GOP took power, it gerrymandered the state into an unrecognizable jigsaw of districts, with racism and partisanship the only factors in their shaping.

That’s under Supreme Court review, but we can’t rely on that gerrymandered court to save us. A GOP-held seat in the State Senate, representing District 10, is up for grabs, and Democrats have a great candidate in Patty Schachtner, a civil servant and lifelong resident of the region. Her issues page is chockful of smart, local-focused ideas and promises, including an emphasis on infrastructure, the environment (she grew up on a farm), better public education, healthcare (including expanding the state’s Medicaid program) and fighting the opioid crisis.

If Dems can win this seat, it’ll put them in a better position to win the State Senate back in November, when Gov. Scott Walker, perhaps the most draconian state exec in the country, is also up for re-election. That’s huge: It’d end gerrymandering, expand healthcare in the state, and help re-enfranchize tens of thousands of people who were stopped from voting during the election by Walker’s awful voter ID laws.

Had it not been for those laws, Hillary Clinton would have likely won Wisconsin. So yeah, this race matters.

CLICK HERE to donate to Patty Schachtner using Progressives Everywhere’s ActBlue page.

Congressional Election: DD Adams for North Carolina’s 5th District 

The Doug Jones victory showed that black women are the beating heart of the Democratic Party. The party must recognize that, but not only during the run-up to election day. There are precious few black women in elected office, and that needs to change.

DD Adams is an accomplished businesswoman and public servant who has served in the Winston-Salem City Council since 2009. Adams has fought to raise wages for city workers, building infrastructure, and stood up for LGBTQ rights at a time when they were under attack in the state.

Adams also has name recognition in the district, which spans parts of 11 North Carolina counties (the state is heavily gerrymandered) and while Trump won the state, it also elected a Democratic governor in Roy Cooper. She’s also really active on Twitter, which is cool.

Adams’ opponent is incumbent Virginia Foxx, who wants to destroy public education across the country. She must be stopped.

CLICK HERE to donate to DD Adams using Progressives Everywhere’s ActBlue page.

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